Arini Arini

Study of Housing Mock-up Building in Ras Al Ayn

A Part of the ‘Heart of Amman’ Project by UNDP.

Kabariti Village

Curated by Arini as The Crafts District for Amman Design Week 2019

Analysis and Case Studies

for Habib Zyoodi House and the neighboring area

Primary and Middle Years Program Extension Building

for Al Mashrek International School


Designed by Arini for Amman Design Week 2019

Nīla served as a prelude to the journey of discovery in innovative craftsmanship at this year’s Crafts District.

100 Boxes

Designed by Arini for Amman Design Week 2019

100 Gabion Baskets made from wire mesh were filled with limestone to construct the stage for "The Crafts District" exhibition during Amman Design Week 2019.

Min Ilā Exhibition

Curated by Arini for Amman Design Week 2019

Min Ilā, meaning “”, references the journeys of materials: min (from) the natural ilā (to) composite states, min (from) raw material ilā (to) crafted form.


Designed by Arini for Amman Design Week 2019

Sīk is an abstraction of a journey that resembles a block, slowly taking shape from a more intact center.

Rihla fi Al Hiraf Exhibition

Curated by Arini for Amman Design Week 2019

Through a journey of discovery into the crafts and materials of Bilad Al-Sham, this showcase offers a different understanding of craft, in which tradition is seen as a sum of the available resources and materials from which we can craft possible futures.


Designed by Arini for Amman Design Week 2017

Dalieh – grapevine – is a free-flowing and kinetic canopy, the suspended structure’s translucency enhances the sense of spatial ambiguity and acts as a protective layer to limit unwanted heat and glare.


Curated by Arini for Amman Design Week 2016

Set within the winding pathway between Al Hussein Cultural Center and Greater Amman Municipality MADAFA pavilion was developed for Amman Design Week 2016 to enhance the surrounding landscape and envisioned for being a spot of exposition.


In collaboration with Alãan, the workshop focused on furniture design; Designers re-imagined traditional furniture items to give a new life to the traditional function and form, addressing the relationships between function, form, material, texture, and feeling by thinking about one key question “How would we do it now?"

The Untitled Swing Project

Curated by Arini for AbwabDubai Design Week 2015

Inspired by the imagination that drives childhood play, the Jordan pavilion draws on the swing, or ‘murjeiha’ to evoke memories of its designers’ childhood.

Pilots for Strategic Change in Jabal Al Natheef Workshop

Following Mapping Jabal Al Natheef, Arini launched Phase II of this project, which is dedicated to re-imagining a better environment to be adhered to the refugees’ minds through small-scale and self-driven physical interventions motivated by a need of local regeneration.

Mapping Jabal Al Natheef Publication

Arini produced an in-depth study of the socio-spatial structures of the refugee camp’s built environment. Arini continued its investigation; throughout 2014 we carried out focus groups, discussions and meetings with the community.

Mapping Jabal Al Natheef Workshop

This project is inspired by the challenges of the accelerated increase of urban sprawls and the consequential urban segregation of contemporary Amman. The breadth of this project delves into the living conditions that this area creates and the feasible ways in which its problems can be addressed through the regeneration of its spaces.

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