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Min Ilā Exhibition

for Amman Design Week 2019

Commissioned by Amman Design Week

Curated and designed by Arini

Construction manager: Esam Aljabi

Photography by Jenna Masoud , Amman Design Week, and Edmund Sumner

Featuring work from:

Reshaping the Vessel by Sama El Saket
aleia & nisf by Najla’a
Fish Tail Lamps by Omar Qubain and Hussein Beydoun
Pattern Play by Lena Kassicieh
Nostalgia by Kaarim Design District
Collection 2019 by in doi
Sakeb by Raghad Saqfalhait & Mariam Dahabreh
Mojahara by Fadi Zumot
Diskur by Paola Farran
Stereomono by Andre Mcheileh
rawe’e by Safieh Hatough
Turabi by Inas Halabi

Material Invoation Room:

Twelve Degrees
Sama Shahrouri
Annette Fauvel
Katja Lonzeck
Lisa Schreiber
Christin Mannewitz

Min Ilā

Min Ilā, meaning “from…to”, references the journeys of materials: min (from) the natural ilā (to) composite states, min (from) raw material ilā (to) crafted form.


Material journeys, “min…ila” offer an experience of the ever-changing nature of crafts and crafted materials of Bilād Al- Shām. The journey “min…ila” is presented in the natural forms on display, the exhibited techniques of transformation, the plasticity or rigidity of new practices, and the materiality of their construction, disfiguration and reconfiguration. The exhibition showcases the changing states and mediums of materials through the multiple and dynamic crafting methods applied; from manual, virtual and computation alteration to digital fabrication.

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