Arini Arini

Rihla fi Al Hiraf Exhibition

for Amman Design Week 2019

Commissioned by Amman Design Week

Curation, design, and construction by Arini

Site construction manager : Esam Aljabi

Photography by Jenna Masoud , Amman Design Week, and Edmund Sumner

©  Arini

Featuring shops and installations from:

Turquoise Mountain
lrth Collective
Petra National Trust
Safi Crafts
Iraq Al-Amir's Women's Co-Op

Through a journey of discovery into the crafts and materials of Bilad Al-Sham, this showcase offers a different understanding of craft, in which tradition is seen as a sum of the available resources and materials from which we can craft possible futures.

At the level of Omar Bin Al-Khattab Street, Rihla fi Al-Hiraf features crafts from across Jordan; from its northern region to its eastern Badiya, and down to the southern Jordan valley.

The journey starts with the collective craft practices and live-installation of Syrian and Jordanian artisans in Turquoise Mountain's wehda, and moves to the northern region of Azraq and Umm EI-Jimal, featuring basalt stone and desert cosmetics, as well as soaps from Zarqa and textiles from Ajloun in lrth Collective.

Produced in collaboration with Petra National Trust, Siq offers a spatial experience focused on our perception of a journey rather than the final destination.

Following a display of ceramics, clay, and paper recycling produced by the Iraq Al-Amir's Women's Co-Op, the journey ends in the south with the natural dyes extracted by the women of Ghor Al-Safi at Safi Crafts. 

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