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Research: Design Interventions at Al Azraq Camp

Client: Civic
Year: June 2020
Team: Liyan Al Jabi, Sara Yaseen, Sarah Hejazin, Jafar Al Jabi

Refugee camps present challenging living conditions where basic survival needs can become the overriding focus for families within, which affect the efforts needed for a healthy development of the community in general and children in specific. It is estimated that vast numbers of children living in camps have significant psychological difficulties, exacerbated by the numerous adversities they can potentially experience which are associated with forced migration.

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Recognition of the need for research-based design and urban interventions to help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian responses has been increasing. Also, interventions in environments that are more easily accessed by children and families are becoming more relevant for distressed populations in refugee camps.

These diagrams are part of a report that represents the comprehensive research conducted by Arini in Al Azraq Camp to understand and analyze the current living conditions of the camp residents, their pastime activities and social relationships. It presents the on-site and off-site studies, observations, interviews, and data collection on Al Azraq region and Al Azraq Camp. In addition to analyzing the existing research, relevant projects, case studies and reports in order to draw holistic and cohesive conclusions and recommendations for design interventions which cater to the families and children of the camp.

The research was concluded under four categories in order to provide a comprehensive design brief to carry the upcoming design process forward:

Location | Scale | Program | Material

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