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The installation canopy was made by women in Ghor El Safi (Safi Crafts) using traditional techniques in cultivating indigo and creating dyes, which are then transferred to modern applications in design.

100 Boxes

100 Gabion Baskets made from wire mesh were filled with limestone to construct the stage for "The Crafts District" exhibition during Amman Design Week 2019.


Sīk is an abstraction of a journey that resembles a block, slowly taking shape from a more intact center. As the passerby approaches the installation, Sīk reveals a path into its parts, emphasizing the role of the journey in altering our perception of the object.

Primary and Middle Years Program Extension Building

Arini designed flexible learning spaces for Al Mashrek International School to promote a sense of wellbeing and creativity. 

Rêverie Retail Shop

The shop is built in an old Ammani Apartment in Jabal Amman. They provide locally designed and made clothes and accessories.


Mtjr Shop

The official gift shop for the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.



Dalieh – grapevine – is a free-flowing and kinetic canopy, the suspended structure’s translucency, which alters depending on the viewing angle, enhances the sense of spatial ambiguity and acts as a protective layer to limit unwanted heat and glare.

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