Arini Arini


Kabariti Village

The Crafts District for Amman Design Week 2019

Min Ilā Exhibition

Min Ilā, meaning “”, references the journeys of materials: min (from) the natural ilā (to) composite states, min (from) raw material ilā (to) crafted form.

Rihla fi Al Hiraf Exhibition

Through a journey of discovery into the crafts and materials of Bilad Al-Sham, this showcase offers a different understanding of craft, in which tradition is seen as a sum of the available resources and materials from which we can craft possible futures.



Set within the winding pathway between Al Hussein Cultural Center and Greater Amman Municipality MADAFA pavilion was developed for Amman Design Week 2016 to enhance the surrounding landscape and envisioned for being a spot of exposition.


The Untitled Swing Project

Inspired by the imagination that drives childhood play, the Jordan pavilion draws on the swing, or ‘murjeiha’ to evoke memories of its designers’ childhood. With the help of accelormeters and Arduinos, the team introduced interaction design that allows one to generate and activate the present surroundings while challenging gravity.

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