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Research: Design Interventions at Al Azraq Camp

Refugee camps present challenging living conditions where basic survival needs can become the overriding focus for families within, which affect the efforts needed for healthy development of the community in general and children in specific.

Workshop: Design Interventions at Al-Azraq Refugee Camp

This workshop was part of a research on Al Azraq Refugee Camp to co-design interventions in public spaces across the camp.

The workshop sessions created informal discussions around the participants’ memories of play and play areas in their hometowns in Syria.

Study of Housing Mock-up Building in Ras Al Ayn

A comprehensive analytical and architectural study of the housing mock-up building in Ras Al Ayn Park was carried out in January 2020 as part of the ‘Heart of Amman’ project by UNDP.


Analysis and Case Studies for Habib Zyoodi House and the neighboring area

The aim of this study is to investigate the site and to unlock its potential to support the neighboring community by developing a comprehensive plan that contains permanent and temporary functions that can span throughout the year.

Furthermore, the report will explore the notions of ethical adaptive reuse processes and how it should be carried out correctly while balancing between ethics and aesthetics.



In collaboration with Alãan, the workshop focused on furniture design; Designers re-imagined traditional furniture items to give a new life to the traditional function and form, addressing the relationships between function, form, material, texture, and feeling by thinking about one key question “How would we do it now?"


Pilots for Strategic Change in Jabal Al Natheef Workshop

Following Mapping Jabal Al Natheef, Arini launched Phase II of this project, which is dedicated to re-imagining a better environment to be adhered to the refugees’ minds through small-scale and self-driven physical interventions motivated by a need of local regeneration.


Mapping Jabal Al Natheef Publication

Arini produced an in-depth study of the socio-spatial structures of the refugee camp’s built environment. Arini continued its investigation; throughout 2014 we carried out focus groups, discussions and meetings with the community.

Mapping Jabal Al Natheef Workshop

This project is inspired by the challenges of the accelerated increase of urban sprawls and the consequential urban segregation of contemporary Amman. The breadth of this project delves into the living conditions that this area creates and the feasible ways in which its problems can be addressed through the regeneration of its spaces.

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