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Primary and Middle Years Program Extension Building 2019

for Al Mashrek International School

Design by Arini
Construction by Maani Ventures

© maani ventures

© maani ventures

Arini designed flexible learning spaces to promote a sense of wellbeing and creativity.

The interactive open-plan design supports the MYP teaching methods conceived the multifunctional spaces/classrooms that allow pupils to decide what to learn, how to learn, and who to learn with. 


Sensory Space

Music Room


© maani ventures

Several elements are spread across different levels with various steps and sloping surfaces that all together form a miniature landscape for children to explore during lessons.

© maani ventures

© maani ventures

Several elements are spread across different levels with various steps and sloping surfaces that all together form a miniature landscape for children to explore during lessons.

Kabariti Village

The Crafts District for Amman Design Week 2019

Commissioned by Amman Design Week

Curation, design, and construction by Arini

Site construction manager : Esam Aljabi

Photography by Jenna Masoud , Amman Design Week, and Edmund Sumner

Kabariti Village includes:

100 Boxes
Min Ilā Exhibition
Rihla fi Al Hiraf Exhibition

Commissioned designers:

Ruba Asi
Yazeed Balkar



The Crafts District

ح ر ف
‎ِح ْر َف ة /   إِ ْح تَ َر َف /  َح َّر َف


The Arabic word Hirfa (ِح ْرَفة ) is derived from the root h-r-f and means occupation, trade, handicraft. It is also shown to relate to labor as a source of livelihood sustained through practice, habit, and repetition (إِ ْحتَ َر َف); with connotations of processes of change and alteration (حَرَّفَ).


We move away from the notion of craft and tradition as authentic, singular and frozen to the notion of craft as alive and evolving, ever-changing forms of labor producing objects and transforming oneself. Through a journey of discovery of crafts and materials of the Levant, we aim to a different understanding of craftsmanship, hereby tradition is a sum of resources and materials gathered to craft possible futures.

By combining maps and storytelling with walking and performance, we feature artisan and training workshops, installations in-the-making and shops where products are sold.


Material journeys are showcased through techniques of transformation from natural to composite states and from raw materials to crafted forms.


Visitors, artisans, and designers are taken on a journey through the multiple, dynamic and ever-changing crafts of Jordan’s Badia and Ghor region to the versatility of Levantine materials, as well as, their alteration with digital fabrication and computational design.

Commissioned instalations


Design by Daniel + Qusai

This modular public interactive installation has different compositions of typical seating elements, designed to create a setting that will provoke and encourage social interactions. 

Stitches in Space

Design by Ruba Asi

Stitches in Space is a blown-up play experience for children inspired by the fiber arts that also highlights Amman's 60 year old rattan furniture craft. The installation, which is comprised of four stitching screens and equipped with jute ropes and giant wooden needles is a polemic against the “watching” culture brought about by the pervasiveness of digital screens in the psyche of the modern child.

Reciprocal Frame Tensegrity Pavilion

Design by Yazeed Balqar

A reciprocal frame is a self-supporting structure made of three or more beams arranged in a closed circuit. This pavilion takes reciprocal frames a step further by adding tensegrity to the structure, which is a combination of strut weight and cable tension. 

© Arini

Rêverie Retail Shop 2019

for Reverie Clothes Boutique

Design and construction by Arini

Branding by Eyen

© Arini

© Arini

The shop is built in an old Ammani Apartment in Jabal Amman. They provide locally designed and made clothes and accessories.

The boutique exhibition is made using soft earthy colors and pink hues by employing the Rosa Marble and natural wood as the main materials.

The commission also includes the main office and workshop in the back of the house area.

© Arini

© Arini

The mural is made by combining 3 different materials in a unique composition. A circle mirror a marble slab and wool tassels that were made by the women of Jabal Al Natheef.

© Arini

© Arini

© Arini

© Arini

© Arini

RE-THINKING THE TRADITIONAL Furniture Design, led by Suliman Innab and Hamza Omari

In collaboration with Alãan, the workshop focused on furniture design; Designers re-imagined traditional furniture items to give a new life to the traditional function and form, addressing the relationships between function, form, material, texture, and feeling by thinking about one key question “How would we do it now?"

The workshop will take a second look at materials that have fallen out of utility in favor of modern alternatives. During the course of this hands-on workshop participants will be challenged to reimagine how traditional materials can be modified to fit a more contemporary lifestyle.

Event posters

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All images by Arini ©

Photographer: Mohammad Aljabi



Alāan Artspace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Architect and designer Suliman Innab, principal architect at Morph-X Studio. Amman, Jordan.

Industrial engineer and product designer Hamza Omari, Designer at Loci, Dubai UAE.

A big thank you goes to Neama alsydayri , Dana Qabbani  from Alāan Artspace for fecelitating the workshop


Sarah R. Raslan
Farah Saud Alhejalain
Neama alsydayri
Abrahim alkaryf
Gyda fahad
Ahmad aldwaish
Dana AlGudiri
May Alsaloom
Reem Olyan Al rajudi
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